Top Texas Entrepreneurial Company

And the award goes to……………wait for it, wait for it, waiiiiiit – Maid In Amarillo, located in Amarillo, Texas! This awesome company is simply perfect. Maid In Amarillo described as the best Maid service Amarillo and house cleaning company in Amarillo, Texas. How did they achieve such a distinction in so short a time? The answer lies in the decentralized nature of the company. Playing off of how uber operates, the maids receive text messages containing addresses of appointments along with addresses and are able to quickly and efficiently arrive and clean the homes. They also use alot of apps for saving information and doing garden variety administrative tasks. One such app is slack. This saves time and money by allowing for the saving of receipts and filing them electronically in a database. The main thing this company does is pay attention to detail. The owner makes time to meet each and every client and get to know their quirks and preferences. If a client wants a certain cleaning product used, he will buy it and have the maids use it in the customer’s home. This is an extra personal touch giving them a leg up on the big corporate non-personal maid companies. Maid In Amarillo is strategically placing itself in a position of huge success in the maid service arena. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!